A Waka Huia is a treasure box, which was used by Māori to hold precious adornments such as hei tiki (pendants) and huia feathers for dressing the hair.  At Mākoura College - Waka Huia is about the strengths each of us possesses. We believe strongly in holistic education for our students.

The Waka Huia teacher is a significant adult who mentors, coaches and advocates for their students.  They are the link between school and home. 

Key Waka Huia Roles

Waka Huia Teacher:

  • Builds a positive learning relationship with their students.
  • Collaborates with whānau by building and maintaining positive relationships.
  • Supports and helps develop personalised goals and an individualised pathway.
  • Monitors students' progress regularly and communicates with whānau any concerns.
  • Builds warm relationships within their Waka Huia group.

The Waka Huia teacher is a significant person who:

  • has relationships with whānau and if whānau have concerns they have a direct line.
  • knows how the student is going across all subjects.
  • who meets with the student and the whānau to set learning goals.
  • monitors student progress towards achieving the goals set.
  • ensures the opportunity for success of every student.