Mākoura College is an exceptionally interconnected and proud college, embodying the motto "Kia Manawanui" and embracing the values of "Whāia te Tika," "Whāia te Pono," and "Whāia te Aroha," which resonate strongly with students, staff, and the community. These principles are the cornerstone of the college, influencing various actions, systems, and processes. Given that these serve as our college's guiding principles, they must form the foundation for the primary purpose of the college—learning. Our college curriculum, or Mātauranga, mirror these principles in how we organise our learning opportunities.

The curriculum structure is rooted in three main areas:

Tika: Upholding what is right and engaging in opportunities that respect our people and place.

Pono: Gaining wisdom through learning in relevant and engaging courses.

Aroha: Fostering care for oneself and others through a comprehensive Waka Huia program.

The learning structure is categorised into Year 9/10 (Junior) and Year 11-13 (Senior). Both the junior and senior learning structures will be grounded in Tika, Pono, and Aroha learning opportunities.