Sporting and Adventure Opportunities

Mākoura College encourages students to experience opportunities outside of the classroom through participation in sporting, recreational and cultural activities. 

Sport and adventure help students find a passion away from a screen. This increases wellbeing by helping them gain a sense of purpose.  We have a Sports Coordinator (Gerald Lologa) who organises events and teams in both summer and winter competitions. 

We have an incredibly strong Outdoor Education programme with highly qualified staff.  In conjunction with the Ministry of Education and New Zealand Defence Forces, Mākoura College runs the only Military Services Academy in the Wairarapa.

Sports available: 

Rugby, Football, Netball, Hockey, Touch Rugby, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Wakaama, Futsal, Cricket, Chess, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, Ki-O-rahi

Adventure Opportunities:

Mākoura ski trip, Outward Bound, Hillary Outdoors, Spirit of Adventure, Get to Go challenge