Mākoura College has high expectations for its students; and is committed to developing young people of outstanding character.

To do this, teachers work with students to focus on their strengths as opposed to their weaknesses.

We emphasise the teaching of values, attitudes, and positive behaviours. We deal with school issues with the use of restorative practices.

Mākoura's choice in relation to the management of student behaviour is a model that aims to help students learn how to make choices that are responsible, respectful and right. It needs to be highlighted that a responsibility model is not laissez faire.

The core expectations of students' behaviour is high, if not higher, as in other approaches. What characterizes a responsibility model is its intent - it aims to help students learn self-responsibility. Mākoura College is committed to a responsibility model.


  • keep the classroom safe and organized for learning 

  • have clear rules and consequences 

  • give the students the opportunity to sort out problems in a respectful way 

  • make sure that students understand what is being asked of them 

  • try different ways of teaching 

  • respect their students and their colleagues 

  • help students feel they belong to Mākoura


  • be responsible for their choices

  • be on time to classes and be ready for learning

  • try to sort out problems in a respectful way

  • be a good learner and work as hard as they can

  • respect teachers, students and the school environment

  • be helpful and positive

  • help others to feel like they belong to Mākoura