Year 10 Outdoor Adventure 

Students can currently choose Outdoor Education as a one semester Hauora option.  This gives them a taste of a range of outdoor activities and encourages collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Level 2 Outdoor Education 

Students get the opportunity to experience and gain skills in adventurous outdoor activities including tramping and camping, mountain biking, rock climbing and abseiling, ropes course and adventure based learning (team building and problem-solving activities).  They also learn about the natural New Zealand environment and how to minimise our impact and promote a sustainable future.  They should expect to try new experiences have lots of fun, get  cold, wet and muddy at times and get a huge sense of personal achievement when they are pushed out of their comfort zone!

Level 3 Outdoor Education 

This course builds on students outdoor leadership skills with longer expeditions into the bush (2-3 days).

Students will learn how to plan and prepare before heading out on an expedition which could involve tramping, water activities, navigation, survival skills, mountain biking and adventure-based learning.  The exact format of the expeditions is student-driven. Students also develop their skills in off-road biking on intermediate level mountain bike tracks locally and further afield. 

Planning and self-review is an essential part of this course and some of this will need to be managed by students in their study time.  Expect to learn/improve planning and self-management skills, leadership skills, self-confidence and resilience; as well as the practical skills needed to enjoy outdoor wilderness experiences.