Wairarapa Teen Parent Unit

History and Purpose

The Teen Parent Unit, on the Mākoura College premises, was established in 2002. It is for teen parents or pregnant teenagers who have had their education interrupted by parenthood. It is a chance to reach their educational goals whilst entering parenthood.


The aim of the Wairarapa Teen Parent Unit is to enable teen parents and pregnant teenagers, aged 19yrs or younger, to continue their education.

Unit Specifics

  • The Unit is open from 9am -3pm during college terms

  • It is based on the grounds of Mākoura College

  • The Mākoura Community Early Childhood Centre is next door and has spaces for TPU children

  • TPU incorporates a supportive environment for both academic and social growth

  • Course and childcare costs are usually funded through WINZ

  • Full support is given to the mother and child

Learning Pathways

  • Students have an individual education plan at their level and pace

  • Students can achieve NCEA

  • Essential life skills are taught

  • Students are supported to achieve their educational goals

  • Study is mainly by Correspondence, with individual teacher support

Campus Facilities

The Unit:

  • operates in a large working space

  • has qualified teaching staff

  • transports students and infants around Masterton in our own vans

  • has full kitchen facilities with lunch being provided each day

  • offers students study options at any level of the curriculum

  • is a place where all support services can access the mother along with the child

How to enquire?

Contact the Teen Parent Unit Manager: Prue Smith

Landline: 06 377 3491

Mobile: 027 406 9623

Email: prue.smith@wairarapatpu.school.nz

Website Link

29 Makora Road, Masterton | Landline: (06) 377 3491 | Mobile: 027 4069 623 | Email: prue.smith@wairarapatpu.school.nz