We are aspirational for all students.  We want our learners to gain quality qualifications.  We offer a diverse range of subjects that cater to students going to university as well as vocational pathways.  High expectations lead to students challenging themselves to achieve more.  Mākoura College knows that when there are good relationships between teachers and students, good learning can take place.  The student is at the heart of everything we do.

Our students have dreams and aspirations that are shaped by where they come from, what they already know, who they are interacting with and where they will see themselves in the future.  All learners at Mākoura College have strengths that we develop to work towards their ambitions.  

Mākoura College personalises learning by enabling our students to become curriculum co-designers.  The needs, interests and capabilities of our student learning help determine the pace of learning.  Technology enables students to use content and be the experts together with their teacher.  

In Year 9, students learn in homeroom. This helps your child transition to college. Students develop a key relationship with their homeroom teacher built on a sound grounding in the compulsory subjects.  In Years 10 - 13, students learn in timetabled classes throughout the school and are supported by experienced teachers.