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Platforms that we use at Makoura College

Click here to use Education Perfect

To login: your "user" is your school email address and your "password" is your first name (unless you have already changed the password)"

Advice for keeping a Routine

Check your email every morning from 10 am - this will be where you find notifications from your teachers, in the form of emails, Google Classroom and Zoom notifications. 

Create your own timetable each day - Create a routine and schedule that has regular breaks and study time in manageable chunks.

Find a suitable place to work - a space that is comfortable, good lighting and where you can work without distractions.  Preferably away from phone notifications.

Find a support person - one of your parents/caregivers might check to make sure you have a work plan or perhaps a classmate to communicate with and hold each other accountable.

Important Dates

School Holidays | Sat 28th March - Tues 14th April

Term 2 Online Learning from | Weds 15th April

Some staff will use ZOOM to communicate with you

Zoom is a video conferencing website and app.  You can either download it on your phone or use your laptop.  Your teacher will share a link with you and you just click on it at the appropriate time.

ZOOM is available for a range of devices:

Once you have downloaded and installed ZOOM, sign in with your school Google account.

Watch this video to learn how to join a ZOOM meeting:

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