Makoura LIFE

Learning, Opportunities and Success - that's what it's like here.  These three concepts are all part of the winning formula at Makoura College. It's a place where teachers and staff work hard to develop positive relationships with students and their whānau.  Kia Manawanui - Courage & Compassion!

Pastoral Care
Mentoring and Support for all Students
All students are assigned to a Waka Huia teacher who meets with them at least four times per week. The role of this teacher is to get to know each student and provide academic and pastoral mentoring. In Years 11, 12 and 13 the key focus is to provide mentoring support for NCEA. The teachers establish goals with the students and then support them to achieve these.  Waka Huia teachers are the first point of contact if you need to address a concern you may have.  Click here to read more about dealing with concerns.

We believe a student’s personal and social development is enhanced through taking on leadership roles. At Makoura College, opportunities exist via formal leadership roles for Year 12 and 13 students; peer support; the student Hauora Committee; representation on the Student Council; attending camps such as YMCA; the Services Academy, and a range of extra-curricular activities.

Health Clinic
A Health Clinic is available for students two days per week. The Health Clinic gives free, confidential access to a registered nurse and a general practitioner.

Pouarahi (Guidance Counsellor / Support Worker) and Deans
Makoura College has a Pouarahi who is available to help students and their Whanau with a wide range of issues, both in and out of school. The Deans and Waka Huia teachers complete the Guidance team.

Careers Programme
The Careers Programme offers planning and guidance for all students and their caregivers. A comprehensive Careers Study is provided at Years 9 and 10. Senior students, including students in the Year 13 Homeroom, receive personalised guidance in which they are offered a range of career based learning opportunities. These include the STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource) Courses and the Gateway Programme.