Learning Support

We know that every student is different and the size and nature of school means that we have the ability to build programmes which meet the needs of students and their families. We are approachable and flexible and want to do the best for every student. We are a highly inclusive school and will do our best to provide support for students in all areas of the school from the classroom to Stage Challenge.   

Learning Support students at Makoura are encouraged to participate in all areas of the school and make the most of the opportunities offered at college.
Experienced and knowledgeable teacher aides support Junior students and allow them to be fully included in the TKT.

We work closely with families, students and teachers to develop IEPs which take into account academic, social and future goals of the student.  We also work closely with agencies to ensure the support our students receive is appropriate and empowering. As the students move into the Senior school we are able to build flexible programmes which allow them to build on their skills and interests. Students are supported in subjects which range from Art to Building to Textiles and everything in between, as well as Literacy and Numeracy classes. This year Senior students are being offered the opportunity to gain a Certificate in Work and Community Skills through Supported Learning standards during their Futures class. 

We feel that it is very important for students to leave school with a future pathway in place. We work with agencies such as STARS and IDEA Services to develop plans for our students as they get into their final years at school. All students are offered work experience opportunities which they enjoy. Some of our students are currently attending Hospitality and Mechanics courses at UCOL as well as being involved in the Gateway programme.

All students take part in wider school classes and activities; Makoura has policies and culture where individuals are valued and ‘a sense of belonging for all’ is treasured. 

Whanaungatanga ensures learning is a whole community experience and each contribution is valued, including those of whanau and other support people.