Makoura College focuses on wellbeing with a range of support systems for students.  Teachers and staff are fully aware of the range of needs that teenagers require and co-ordinate together to focus on wellbeing.  Makoura College focuses on positive teacher and student relationships.

Goal Setting and Mentoring
  • Students are encouraged to set goals around their learning and personal development.  Waka Huia and subject teachers mentor students to reach these goals.  Teachers focus students through school tīkanga - Whaia te Tika, Whaia te Pono and Whaia te Aroha - during this goal setting and mentoring process.
Deans and Waka Huia support
  • Students are fully supported by Waka Huia teachers and Deans.  Students have set times in the week to meet with their Waka Huia teachers.  Waka Huia teachers are able to be the advocate for students when working through any issues they may have.  Deans have an overview of all students in their year level.  Deans and Waka Huia teachers work together to reach good outcomes for students in their school work and wellbeing.
Guidance Counsellor service
  • A full-time and fully trained Guidance Counsellor is available to students throughout the week.  Counselling sessions are conducted on school grounds in the House. The Guidance Counsellor is able to refer to outside agencies and public health providers on a case by case basis.
Nurse and Doctor service
  • A Health Clinic is available for students two days per week in the House.  Students can book appointments to see medical specialists for any issues they may have.  The Health Clinic gives free, confidential access to a registered nurse and a general practitioner.