School Motto
Kia Manawanui
‘Kia Manawanui’ embodies the way we want to ‘be’; caring and supportive of others and courageous in our approach and attitude to life.  It forms the basic formula of success at Makoura. Embracing Kia Manawanui means being willing to have a go, take on new opportunities, new activities and new learning. Furthermore, it encourages us to do this despite any challenges, difficulties, obstacles or failure. 

We believe when courage is combined with compassion we can ensure the success of all. This is, when we adopt a courageous approach to life and are surrounded with the care and compassion of others, we are more likely to achieve our goals.

School Vision
Growing tika, pono and aroha through learning
Through TIKA we develop the strength to do what is right.  This whaia encourages us to be respectful towards self, others and the environment.  TIKA enables us to be fair as we support our own rights and the rights of others. TIKA encourages us to be honest, trustworthy, responsible and dependable.
Through PONO we develop wisdom in our learning and the experiences we pursue. It allows us to believe in ourselves and our innate talents.  PONO frees us to be passionate about learning and life, and apply new skills and knowledge positively. PONO enables us to be persistent despite the many challenges and difficulties we may face.

Through AROHA we develop care and concern for self and others in our lives. It allows us to show empathy for difference and the diverse people around us.  AROHA empowers us to do good for others in our school and wider community. AROHA teaches us that caring and kindness make the world a better place.