Board of Trustees

Makoura College has an elected Board of Trustees which oversees the governance of the College and its finances. The current board was elected in May 2016 and will serve until the next election in 2019. 

The board gets together twice a term for meetings at the College. These are public meetings so you as interested parents and members of the school community are welcome to attend. If you would like to attend, you should advise our Board Secretary, Kaye Saywell, in advance. 

Please note that you have no speaking rights unless otherwise arranged with the Board Chairperson and should there be issues that need to be addressed "in Committee" then you will be asked to leave during that period of discussion.

Keep reading below for the all the information you need to know about our Board members, school charter & policies, and meeting dates & minutes. 

Kia manawanui!

Board Members         

 Chairperson Mereana Lopa (co-opted)
 Deputy Chairperson Joanne Waitoa (elected)
 Parent Reps Collette Hutchby, Nick Kelly, Tracey van der Raaij (elected)
 Staff Rep Clare Colville
 Student Rep Seni Iasona
 Principal Paul Green
 Board Secretary  Kaye Saywell        

School Charter and Policies

Our charter is a plan for us to develop and improve Makoura College. It has been developed in consultation with various stakeholders.  To view the current charter, please contact the school's office.

The Board of Trustees has clear policies that allow for the effective management of the school by the Principal and school staff. These policies are set, reviewed and amended by the Board of Trustees. These policies are the main tool to guide the principal and management team in how they run the school effectively. Each policy has a review cycle to ensure its relevancy.  The procedures of these policies are developed and implemented by the Principal and school staff.

Copies of the school policies and procedures are available to be viewed at the school’s office.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the BOT meetings can be viewed at the school's office. Please note that minutes will be available once they have been ratified at the following board meeting. Meetings start at 5.30pm in the meeting room.