KAMAR Portal
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KAMAR Portal

Office contact details
06 378 6074

Email: office@mc.school.nz
The KAMAR Portal has been made available for registered primary and secondary caregivers to look at information about their student and for students to look at information about themselves. 

So what can I see?
Caregivers and students will get slightly different menu options.  This could include information such as attendance#, timetable, assessments, NCEA credits (if applicable) and the daily notices for your student. 

How do I get access?
Initially, all registered primary and secondary caregivers will be sent, by letter, a unique login and password for each of their students. Simply click the KAMAR Icon on the left of this page to go to the KAMAR login page.  Enter your details and click login.  Students should use their regular school network (not Google) login and password to access the KAMAR Portal.  

Is the student information secure?
Yes, but you do need to play your part in keeping your login and password safe.  Do not share this with other people.  If you think the login has been compromised, please contact the school's office immediately. 

What if I have problems or issues?
Should you have any problems or concerns, please contact ​the school's office.

# Attendance is not 'live' - this information will have a two day delay.