About the Library

The Makoura College Library is a large open space facility that is available to be utilised throughout the day. An experienced Librarian curates the collections and she assists students and teachers with finding the right resources.

The fiction section has a range of literature types, such as novels, speed reads, comics, graphic novels that cover a range of genre including fantasy, dystopia, detective, classics and real life.

The non-fiction section has a full range of curriculum related texts that assist students in their learning. Students are encouraged to use the library as part of any research they are conducting to supplement online research.

The library is equipped with desktop and laptop computers for learning and personal activities such researching, completing assignments and checking email.

The library can be split into three learning spaces for when classes visit during the day.  There is audio visual equipment in the library to enhance the learning experience.

The Librarian manages the college's archives.
Break-time Activities

Students are able to socialise with friends in the Library at break-times.  There are a range of activities that can be undertaken in the Library during breaks, including:
  • Personal Reading
  • Book exchange
  • Chess
  • Board games
  • Computers
  • Student meetings