Makoura College has a thriving, recently refurbished and well-resourced Arts Faculty.


Our faculty aims to facilitate creativity and stimulate curiosity. We use technology to enable self-management amongst students and encourage self-discipline.  We aim to provide real experiences to inspire and real opportunities to perform. These real world opportunities see our students doing their utmost and achieving great success.


Facilities include 5 subject specific classrooms, a dark room, as well as an Arts specific computer suite consisting of 18 PC’s. Music students enjoy the ability to create digital music and record with our new recording studio and Protools software, an industry standard software for sound production, recording and sequencing.

Students in the Art Faculty have access to Laptops and Chromebooks as well a range of musical instruments and instrument lessons, cameras, and visual arts resources.


The faculty has a Dance classroom that is fitted out with performance mirrors. Stage Challenge has been a regular highlight of the school year.

Click here to check out our Online Exhibition of student work.