Product Design & Creation - Soft Materials

Soft Materials Technology Fashion Design
Year 10-13 

Fashion Design is for students who have a genuine interest in fashion, design, fashion illustration, textiles design, pattern- making, garment development and/or garment construction. This course allows students to develop their design skills through exploring an issue and identifying a need. A conceptual statement will be developed to communicate what is to be done and why it should be done. Students will generate design ideas based on research and experimentation. They will gain skills, knowledge and techniques while testing, modeling and then constructing the final outcome. On-going critical evaluation during the development of the outcome is an important part of the process to ensure the outcome is fit for purpose. 

Students will work on at least one major project that will be tailored to suit their individual needs, prior knowledge, skills, and their design and/or construction strengths. 

Assessment: A combination of Internal and External credits will be offered. Students will work toward gaining 18 to 20 credits in their personalized program. A student must achieve an external achievement standard to enable them to gain a course endorsement. 

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