Services Academy
Course Aims
The aim of the Services Academy is to encourage students to stay engaged by providing a motivating and disciplined programme. 

The Services Academy is an entity within the Makoura College organization whose role is to identify, support and up-skill senior students to ensure they have the best possible start in a career with in the New Zealand Defence Force as well as life skills education.

The Services Academy will provide an effective teaching and learning environment, enabling personal achievement in all areas for a career in the New Zealand Defence Force, Government agency of their choice (Police, Customs, Fire Service, Fisheries etc); prepare students to move successfully in to the workforce or further educational training.
Unique in the Wairarapa
The Makoura College Services Academy is a unique learning course for senior secondary school students in the Wairarapa. Students are able to gain 48 credits towards NCEA Level 2 and 3. The Academy prepares young people with the disciplines, attitudes and basic skills for a career in the Services: Army, Navy, Air Force, Police or Fire Service.

Future Pathways
Learn more about potential career pathways by visiting these sites: