Makoura College offers Learning Pathways in a range of Hauora courses at all levels. This page gives readers a general summary of the learning courses.

Students in Te Kura Teina participate in a number of programs with a focus on decision making, personal safety and cyber safety. Some units of work are delivered through the homerooms and some by outside agencies and specialists. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of students as necessary.

Services Academy 

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Physical Education

In Years 9 and 10, students explore a PE programme in their Te Kura Teina Homeroom classes.  During Years 11 – 13, students will develop knowledge and skills and will examine: the relationship between physical activity and health; principles and methods of training; functional anatomy and biophysical principles; skill-learning principles and psychological skills. Students will demonstrate: performance in an applied setting (game); knowledge of safety issues and safety management; and adventure leadership. In senior courses students will work through safety management strategies and evaluate past sporting experiences to plan for their future sporting life. They will examine a sporting event and its impact on NZ society. 

Outdoor Rec 

In Year 12, students will get the opportunity to experience and gain skills in adventurous outdoor activities including tramping and camping, rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing and abseiling, ropes course and ABL (team building and problem solving activities). They should expect to try new experiences, have lots of fun, get cold, wet and muddy at times, and to get a huge sense of personal achievement when they are pushed out of their comfort zone!   In Year 13, The course builds on students’ outdoor leadership skills, with three focus areas of: Multi-day tramping (including planning, navigation, river crossing and survival skills); Mountain Biking (including planning and bike maintenance); Abseiling (including set up and safety, knots and rope-work). Students are expected to gain leadership and self-organisation skills through planning, organising and leading the activities themselves.