Building Tech
Makoura College offers a range of Building Tech courses for students in Years 11 - 13.   These courses are offered as a full year option in three levels and are designed to give students real world experience in the building and construction industry. 

At Levels 1 and 2, students work towards these two qualifications; BCATS Level 1 and BCATS Level 2. They are innovative, practical and multi-disciplinary programmes. Learn more>

At Level 3, students' studies are based on first year building apprenticeship work in association with the BCITO (Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation).  
What you will learn

Level 1
Level 1's course is aimed at Year 11 students.  There are no prerequisites but an interest in woodwork/building is an advantage. At Level 1, a student can achieve 20 credits,  plus  there are opportunities to obtain credits at level 2.
  •  Unit 24354 Safe Working Practices (4 credits) 
  •  Unit 12927 Hand tools (6 credits) 
  •  Unit 24360 Knowledge of timber and materials (5 credits) 
  •  Unit 12932 Making Garden Furniture (8 credits)
Level 2
Level 2's course is aimed at Year 12 students. There are no prerequisites but having done the Level 1 course is a big advantage. At Level 2, a student can achieve a further more 24 credits.
  •  Unit 24360 Concrete works (4 credits) 
  •  Unit 12932 Building a shed (8 credits) 
  •  Unit 24350 Using portable power tools (6 credits) 
  •  Unit 24351 Using Fixed Machinery (6 credits) 
  •  Unit 25951 Making a cupboard (6 credits)
Level 3
Level 3's course is aimed at Year 13 students. The practical component involves building a transportable house at school and experience at level 2 is a big advantage. The students are expected to complete the BCITO Level  3 Gateway package for their written work.
  • This course is first year apprenticeship work offering 21 credits at  Level 3

Entry Criteria
Students must:
  • be an enrolled pupil of Makoura College
  • be in Years 11, 12 or 13
Future Pathways
Students who have the right attitude and who are motivated could pursue a pathway into an industry apprenticeship.

Watch this 'Get Real' video series ... then visit the website to learn more about how to get an apprenticeship.