Learning Pathways
Learning in the Junior School
Years 9 and 10 students begin in our Te Kura Teina classes - a supportive homeroom learning environment which provides the opportunity for positive relationships to be developed between students and teachers. There is a focus on developing Numeracy and Literacy, as well as learning in the Arts, Te Reo Māori, Science, Technology and PE.  Te Kura Teina classrooms are inclusive learning spaces where teachers differentiate learning for all needs. Classes have access to Chromebooks, enabling teachers to provide 1:1 digital learning experiences for students. 

Year 9 Options
All students in Year 9 are able to enjoy taster classes in Arts and Technology. These include: Visual Art, Music, Dance & Drama, Toi Māori, Textiles, Food Tech, Design & Visual Communication, Hard Tech and Digital Technology. Students also participate in a personal and social development programme known as Rock and Water. 

Year 10 Options
Students are able to specialise in up to four options. They may choose to take four options for half a year each or specialise in two for the duration of the year.  These learning options are in addition to normal class programmes of literacy, numeracy, PE and integrated studies. 

Extension Learning
Students who show aptitude may be invited to take one or more NCEA Level 1 subjects while in Year 10. Whilst other students may be selected for a range of Gifted and Talented programmes during the year.

Learning with Digital Technology
Over the last two years Makoura College has invested in new IT equipment, enabling devices such as Chromebooks, Desktops and Laptops to be available for students and teachers to use as learning tools. They work on learning experiences through the school’s Google and network environments. This allows students to share their work with teachers digitally, who can then provide prompt feedback and guidance. 

Learning Support 
Makoura welcomes students who require extra learning support. Individual programmes are designed in partnership with caregivers to address each student’s personal and academic needs. We also create programmes to support students with their pathway as they transition from school.
Learning in the Senior School
In Years 11, 12 and 13 there are multiple learning pathways to develop your interests. Whether it is theoretical studies in Mathematics or Science; being creative in the Arts or Technology; getting physical in Outdoor Recreation or Physical Education; or becoming a great communicator in English or Te Reo Māori, we can meet your needs. Other courses on offer include Computing, Food Technology, Futures, Health, Māori Performing Arts, Music, Social Sciences, Soft Materials Technology, Dance, Hard Materials Technology, Radio and Journalism and you can even help build a house!

Te Whare Tuakana 
The Whare Tuakana is designed to ensure that every Year 13 student has a customised course of learning in a Homeroom environment with a very clear transition plan beyond school to either; University, Vocational Tertiary Study, or career based work. The Whare Tuakana ensures multiple learning options and pathways are available (including Distance Learning) for all Year 13 students. 

Services Academy 
The Makoura College Services Academy, which includes learning towards NCEA Levels 2 and 3, is offered to senior students. The Academy’s aim is to prepare young people with the disciplines, attitudes and basic skills for a career in the Services eg Army, Navy, Air Force, Police or Emergency Services. The majority of the course is based at Makoura College, however up to six weeks of the school year will be spent at other venues, such as Waiouru Army Camp. 

U-Skills Trades Academy 
Makoura College is part of UCOL’s Trade Academy and our students have direct entry into a range of trades. These include: Applied Technology and Design, Automotive, Business Enterprise, Civil Construction, Construction, Graphics and Design, Hair and Beauty, Health, Hospitality, Mechanical Engineering, Office Administration, Performing Arts, Retail, Vet Nursing, and Agricultural Studies through the Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre. Students learn with the U-Skills Academy on top of their normal Academic Programme. 

Building Technology 
Makoura College offers a range of Building Technology courses for students in Years 11 - 13. These courses are offered as a full year option and are designed to give students real world experience in the building and construction industry. At Levels 1 and 2 students work towards two qualifications; BCATS Level 1 and BCATS Level 2. They are innovative, practical and multi-disciplinary programmes. At Level 3, learning is based on a first year building apprenticeship in association with the BCITO (Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation). Makoura College students build a house on site and it is put up for sale. Students learn Building Technology alongside their normal Academic Programme.