What is Arotahi?

This our innovative approach to broadening student learning by introducing a FOCUS day once a week. Our aim is to enable students to develop the core skills they will need to creatively use the knowledge they gain.

Why are we doing this?

Because Secondary school is about much more than just getting credits and passing NCEA. We need to prepare students for a rapidly changing world and equip them with the skills they will need to be successful in their chosen pathway. The ability to use creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, problem solving and self management are all increasingly being recognised as being of equal (and sometimes more) importance to the traditional subject knowledge gained in school.

How does Arotahi work?

Every Friday is Arotahi - Friday FOCUS day.

9am - 12.30pm is used for FOCUS projects. Students can design their own project which tackles an issue, answers a question, develops an idea, or investigates a phenomenon. Students have the opportunity to work independently with a mentor on a topic of their choosing, something they are passionate about, or they can opt into one of the more structured project groups where the overall theme has been set by the teacher and they will recieve a higher level of support and guidance to devise and carry out a project. Senior students have some additional options including House building (BCITO), Outdoor Education, Gateway, and an academic extension pathway.

From 1pm, students choose an elective to be involved with for one term or longer. These are based on sports, arts, culture and futures topics and could include Kapa Haka, Singing, Chess, Sports Academy, Poly Group and lots of other activities. Electives can be about doing something you love or trying something new.