A - Z Guide
We want it to be easy for you to access information about Makoura College, so we've put together a comprehensive A-Z list of information about Makoura. 

Simply scroll down to the list to find what you need. But, if there is something that you think we have missed, tells us by clicking here.

Absences, Attendance and Lateness
Please call the school office before 9.00am on the day your student is absent. Our number is 378 6074. Any parent / caregiver who has not notified the school of absenteeism or late arrival will be contacted.

Students with regular attendance achieve at much higher rates that those with poor or irregular attendance. We utilise the Truancy Service or Police Youth Aid to follow up on suspected truancy.

School starts at 8:45am so we ask that students be at School by 8:35am so they will be ready to start learning. 

If a student is late to school they need to sign in at the office. Continual lateness will result in us contacting you to come up with a plan to combat the lateness.

Behaviour Expectations 
Makoura's choice in relation to the management of student behaviour is a model that aims to help students learn how to make choices that are responsible, respectful and right (Whaia te Tika, Whaia te Pono and Whaia te Aroha). It needs to be highlighted that a responsibility model is not laissez faire. The core expectations of students' behaviour is high, if not higher, as in other approaches. What characterizes a responsibility model is its intent - it aims to help students learn self-responsibility. Makoura College is committed to a responsibility model.  Learn more

Contact Tranzit Coachlines for information about times, and bus stops near your home. 

Makoura College has a canteen on site.  Reasonably prices food and beverages are able to be purchased at break times. 

Careers Guidance
The Careers service offers individual career planning and guidance for all students. Along with the Gateway and Star Programmes, the Careers programme allows students to experience outside of school courses and work experience that links them to potential careers and genuine work experience.

Students are allowed to bring cellphones to school, however they must not be used in class time. 

Compliments, Complaints and Concerns
We’d love to hear about the things we are doing right, so let us know in person or by phone or by email. And of course we will work throough any complaints or concerns you may have. We try very hard to adopt a solutions-based approach to all issues. Your child’s Waka Huia Teacher is your first point of contact if you have a concern. The key role of the Waka Huia Teacher is to build a knowledgeable and learning relationship with each student. Therefore they are the preferred first point of contact with families when issues or concerns arise. If however you feel that you are not being listened to by your child’s Waka Huia Teacher then your next point of contact is your child’s Dean. Following the Dean, any matter you are still not happy with should be referred to a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). If at this point you still feel the matter has not been resolved, it should be referred to the Principal.

 Step 1: Step 2: Deans Step 3: Senior Leadership Team Step 4: Principal
 Waka Huia Teacher   Year 9 Mrs Wilkins

 Year 10 Miss Paku

 Year 11 Mr Hrstich 

 Year 12 Mr Tauveli

 Year 13 Mrs Booth
 Year 9 – 11 Mr Bennett 

 Year 12 – 13 Mr Miller 
 Mr Green 

Contact Information
There are many ways to contact the school. We are in Makora Road, Masterton. Our telephone number is 378 6074. For full contact information click here.  


You can email the school on the following address> office@mc.school.nz

Like all schools, Makoura College gets evaluated by the Education Review Office. Our latest report can be viewed by clicking here

Makoura College charges course fees for 'take home' items and non curriculum expenses. 
  • Individual Subject fees - these are detailed in the course outline book and are subject to change
There are non-compulsory fees to support the College as follows: 
  • $12 Makoura Educational Trust per student per year or $120 Family life membership
  • $65.00 Activity Fee - The Activity Fee is $65 for one student, $105 for two, and $139.50 for 3 students from the same family, per year. Donations are gratefully received as they help support teaching and learning.  Please note: Donation amounts may change from year to year.  School donations are tax deductible. 
  • Other expenses: ID card $8.00
Payment options
Please ensure that the student's name is recorded alongside payments.
College Office: Cash/Cheque/Eftpos. Office hours 8:30am - 4:00 pm school days.
Internet Banking: Account details: 030687 0322427 00.
Automatic Payment: Forms to set this up are available from the College office.

Please refer to the Stationery Lists for fees charged for the current year. 

Families that are in financial hardship through the year may be eligible for a grant. Forms are available at the office.

Guidance Counsellor (Pouarahi)
Makoura College has a full time Guidance Counsellor (Pouarahi) whose role is to: help students to explore their difficulties and concerns, and to develop their capabilities and resilience; foster conditions in which a student can grow and develop as a person; offer leadership and sharing expertise in promoting positive relationships; promote awareness of and respect for difference; and advocate for those who are dis-empowered.

The Guidance Counsellor is available to help students and their whanau with a wide range of issues, both in and out of school. The Deans work in close support with the Guidance team.

Health Clinic
A Health Clinic is available for students in the College grounds. The Health Clinic gives free, confidential access to a registered nurse (2 days per week) and on one of these days a general practitioner is available.   

Students studying NCEA will have ongoing assignment work that will need to be completed from home.  At Years 9-10, homework is not compulsory but it is encouraged.  Please discuss this with your child's Homeroom Teacher is you would like homework for your child.

International Students
Makoura College welcomes international students from all over the world. We have enjoyed hosting students from Brazil, Guatemala, Paraguay, Canada, the U.S.A., Colombia, Japan and China. Students are fully integrated into the College and many enjoy the wide range of experiences including what our Outdoor Recreation Department can offer.

Those who do not have English as their first language can learn ESOL (English for speakers of other languages). All international students live with a New Zealand family which further enhances their New Zealand experience.

Makoura College values what international students bring to the school and its students. They enrich the college with their different cultures, personalities and the friendships that develop. 

Internet Banking
Any monies that need to be paid to the school can be made through Internet Banking. The school's account details are: 030687 0322427 00. Please ensure the student's name is supplied with payment.

Learning Support
Makoura College welcomes students who require extra learning support.  Individual programmes are designed in partnership with caregivers to address each student's personal and academic needs. 

We also create programmes to support students with their pathway as they transition from school.   

The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is the main national qualification for secondary school students in New Zealand. At Makoura College we offer NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3. NCEA is recognised by employers, and is used for selection by universities and polytechnics, both in New Zealand and overseas.  To learn more about NCEA, click here.

Our newsletters inform whanau and caregivers about the day-to-day news and information of the college. These are sent home by post but the newsletters can also be downloaded from our website. Click here to go to the newsletters page.

Parental Involvement
All parents may contact the School to organise a time to meet with any staff member. Parents are required to come to the main office to sign in when they are making an unplanned visit to the School, so that there is less disruption to classroom programmes and also to ensure we meet Health and Safety requirements for workplaces.

Parental Request for Withdrawal of Students from Class on a Regular Basis
All requests for release from school to attend out of school instruction will be directed to the Principal. The Principal will advise parents of possible consequences for a student’s progress of such exemption from class. In reaching a decision concerning a child’s release from a normal classroom programme to attend out of school instruction, the learning needs of the student shall be the paramount consideration.

Personal Belongings
Students are encouraged to be responsible and take care of personal items. When not being used, such items should be stored securely. Students should liaise with their teachers in this regard.

Reporting to Parents/Caregivers
Makoura College reports to Parents and Caregivers every term.

Term 1: Whanau meeting and Goal Setting (face to face)
Term 2: Summary Report for Term 1 (written)
Term 3: Summary Report for Term 2 (written)
Term 4: Full Annual Report (written)

However, if you have a concern do not wait for these reporting periods, come in and see us straight away. 

School Policies
A complete list of all school policies are available to view at the schools office.

Sickness and Accidents at School 
Should a student become unwell while at School, we will contact you to collect them. Should your child need to be taken to hospital, we will make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact. A staff member will always accompany the student to hospital until you are able to come and meet them there.  Should you have a concern over safety in the School environment or see something you view as a hazard please report it to the office. 

To learn more about sporting opportunities at Makoura College, click here

All students should be equipped with the correct stationery in their learning. Click here to find stationery lists for each year level.

Term Dates for 2017
The term dates for 2017 are as follows:

 Term   Start End
 1 31 January 13 April
 2 1 May 7 July
 3 24 July  29 September
 4 16 October 13 December 

Makoura College has a smart, modern school uniform. Students are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times, this includes approved footwear. Click here to learn more about the school uniform and footwear requirements.

Vandalism by a Student
The responsibility for repairing or covering the cost of willful or reckless damage to school or others' property rests with the student and family of the student concerned.

Makoura College has a comprehensive website. From this site, whanau are able to keep up to date with school information and activities. 
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